Tuesday, June 29, 2010

#347 Netherlands Antilles...Thanks Sergery!

The 30c stamp is from 1983 Local Governmental Building set with the same design in this post.

The 5c stamp is from 1972 Tourism issue showing Fort Amsterdam in St.Maarten.

Fort Amsterdam is a historic fort on the island of Saint Martin, near the Sint Maarten town of Philipsburg. It was built in 1631 on a peninsula between Great Bay and Little Bay, was the first Dutch military outpost in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, it was soon captured by the Spanish, who made it their most important bastion east of Puerto Rico. The Spanish abandoned the fort in 1648, and since then it has remained in Dutch hands. All military operations ceased in the 19th century, although the fort was used as a signaling and communications station into the 1950s. A few walls of the original bastion remain, and the site provides an outstanding view of modern Philipsburg.

The 215ct stamp is from 2009 December stamps issue celebrating New Year.

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