Sunday, June 6, 2010

#310 Italy...Thanks Alfredo!

The L.70 stamp was issued in 1975 commemorating 30th anniv. of Resistance Movement Victory showing sculpture "Four Days of Naples" by Marino Mazzacurati.

The Four days of Naples (Italian: Quattro giornate di Napoli) refers to the popular uprising in the Italian city of Naples between 27 and 30 September 1943 against the German forces occupying the city during World War II. The occupiers were forced out by the townsfolk and the Italian Resistance before the arrival of the first Allied forces in Naples on 1 October, and for these actions the city was awarded the Gold Medal of Military Valor.

The 0.45€ stamp was issued in 2005 honoring National Military Aerobatic Team:The Frecce Tricolori (Italian, literally Tricolour Arrows), officially known as the 313° Gruppo Addestramento Acrobatico, which is based at Rivolto Air Force Base, in the north-eastern Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, province of Udine.

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