Monday, June 21, 2010

#332 Canada...Thanks Laura!

The 64c stamp was issued in 1983 celebrating World University Games in Edmonton.

The $1 stamp is from 1977-82 definitive series showing Fundy National Parkis located on the Bay of Fundy, the village site being Alma, New Brunswick. It includes both seashore and Acadian coastal forests. The park covers an area of 207 km².

At low tide, park visitors can explore the ocean bottom which was 9 metres or more below the water's surface at high tide. The Caribou Plain trail and boardwalk provides access to upland forest and bog habitats. The park also includes more than 25 waterfalls.

Park amenities include a golf course, a heated saltwater swimming pool, three campgrounds, and a network of over 100 km of hiking and biking trails. The Dobson Trail and Fundy Footpath extend out of the park to Riverview and St. Martins respectively. A unique red-painted covered bridge is located at Point Wolfe.

The 6c stamp was issued in 1969 commemorating 50th anniv. of International Labor Organization (ILO),which is a specialized agency of the United Nations that deals with labour issues. Its headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland. Its secretariat — the people who are employed by it throughout the world — is known as the International Labour Office. The organization received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1969.

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