Sunday, June 6, 2010

#312 Portugal...Thanks Jose!

The 0.01€ stamp on the left is from 2010 Third group of Public City Transport series showing Articulated Bus.

The 0.68€ stamp is Açores' issue of Europa 2010:Children's Book.

The 0.10€ stamp is from 2006 Mask issue illustrating the mask used in Carnival in Lazarim,one of Portugal’s Pagan Pageants.

In the 15th century, Portugal navigated its way to the earth’s far corners, bringing language, architecture, music, and the Christian calendar. Brazil, their largest colony, grew with the West African slave trade. Paradoxically, Portugal having introduced Christianity and the customs related to Catholic practice to Brazil, has started to adopt some of the aspects of Brazilian-style Carnival celebrations, in particular those of Rio de Janeiro with sumptuous parades, Samba and other Brazilian musical elements.

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