Friday, June 11, 2010

#319 Netherlands...Thanks Eric!

The left 0.44€ stamp is issued for 2010 Greeting Card Week.

The right 0.44€ stamp was issued on Apr.2,2010 celebrating 3000th. edition of Donald Comics Weekly in Netherlands.

The first issue of Donald Duck, which was released in October 1952, had 24 pages and was only partially printed in color. The success was unprecedented, and within two years time, total weekly sales were at over 300,000 copies. Now the total circulation is still 317,000 units. Assuming an average of 325,000 copies - some years has even crossed the 400,000 - this means that a total of 975 million units of the Dutch Donald Duck the presses are rolling!

The Donald Duck for many years now has 44 colorful pages and is still the gayest magazine in the Netherlands.

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