Monday, April 26, 2010

#220 Libya...Thanks Omran!

This stamp was issued in 2010 celebrating 33rd Anniversary of people's authority declaration.

The new political order of Libya took shape in March 1977 when the GPC (General People's Congress), at Qadhafi's behest, adopted the "Declaration of the Establishment of the People's Authority" and proclaimed the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. The term jamahiriya is difficult to translate, but American scholar Lisa Anderson has suggested "peopledom" or "state of the masses" as a reasonable approximation of Qadhafi's concept that the people should govern themselves free of any constraints, especially those of the modern bureaucratic state. The GPC also adopted resolutions designating Qadhafi as its general secretary and creating the General Secretariat of the GPC. It also appointed the General People's Committee, which replaced the Council of Ministers, its members now called secretaries rather than ministers.

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