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#178 Argentine...Thanks Viviana!

This FDC is the third series of Argentine Festivals issued on Feb.20,2010.

National Apple Festival.General Roca,Province of Rio Negro.
It started in 1942,when the "fruit Workers and Wine Harvest Festival" was celebrated in Fernandez Oro.In 1964 the "Apple Festival" was officially instituted and two years later,the National government granted "National" category setting its headquarters in General Roca.The next edition of the "National Apple Festival" will take place from Feb.10 through 14,2010,with the presence of internationally renowned artists.The National Apple Queen will be elected a day before closing the Festival and during the last day a "Packers Contest" and an "Apple Wight Contest" will take place.

National Sun Festival.San Juan,Province of San Juan.
Since 1972,the inhabitants of the San Juan Province pay tribute to the sun that accompanies them for over 300 days a year,through the National Sun Festival.The next edition of this festival will be held between Feb.23-26,2010,having the Bicentenial as its main theme.Another great attraction will be the Sun Carrousel,running through San Juan's streets it will represent the 19 districts of the province and the communities of foreigners that settled in San Juan.During the closing the National Sun Queen will be elected and a magnificent show called "Voices of freedom"will be presented.

National Students Festival.San Salvador de Jujuy,Province of Jujuy.
In 1949 San Salvador de Jujuy became the site of the "National youth Festival",and in 1952 the "National Students Festival" began its most glorious stage.Since 1972 it became an authentic National Festival that starts on Sep.21 and goes on for ten days.They say that during this time the city becomes "the capital of Youth and Spring", with parades of carriages built by young people and the election of the Students Queen.

National Tradition Festival.San Antonio de Areco,Province of Buenos Aires.
Its origin dates back to 1926,when the local press published the book "Don Segundo Sombra", and at the estancia (Argentine farm) "La Portena" folks gathered to honour its author,Ricardo Guiraldes.Years later in 1939,a Provincal Law sanctioned that "Tradition Day" would be a tribute to Jose Hernandez and San Antonio de Areco became the permanent site for the festivities.This year,the Festival will be held between Oct.30 and Nov.10.

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