Thursday, April 1, 2010

#172 Argentine...Thanks Juan!

The $1 stamp on the top of this summer cover was issued in 2009 celebrating National Cherry Festival in Los Antiguos,province of Santa Cruz.

The 50c stamp is from 2000 Archaeological Artifacts definitives issue showing Andean verticle loom from Mapuche culture.

The Mapuche are one of the indigenous inhabitants of Central and Southern Chile and Southern Argentina.Mapuche make up about 4% of the Chilean population,who are particularly concentrated in the Araucania Region.

Many Mapuche descendants now live across southern Chile and Argentina; some maintain their traditions and continue living from agriculture, but a growing majority have migrated to cities in search of better economic opportunities.

The two $1 stamps on the left of the second row are from 2009 Buildings Endowed With Historical Value issue showing Palacio Duhau,a famous hotel in Buenos Aires.

Formerly owned by the Duhau family, the Palacio Duhau was built in 1934 by French architect Leon Dourge. Located on the famous Avenida Alvear in Recoleta, Palacio Duhau is situated in the city's most exclusive and fashionable residential and shopping district in downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina. Stepping out of this luxury hotel, guests will find themselves at the very heart of this beautiful, exciting and endlessly fascinating city.

The hotel now seamlessly incorporates vintage glamour with state-of-the-art design. Nowhere else in Buenos Aires will you find sofas made by the Ferrari seat designers beside a room coated in 17th-century French panelling from a Normandy castle.The hotel's website.

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