Monday, April 12, 2010

#199 Germany...Thanks Gerd!

The two stamps on the left were issued to celebrate the Winter Olympics Games and Winter Paralympics in 2010.

The 55c stamp on the right were issued in 2010 depicting a German board game (but not a German-style board game)Mensch ärgere dich nicht,by Joseph Friedrich Schmidt (1907/1908).

The game was issued in 1914 and sold about 60 million copies. It is a Cross and Circle game with the circle is collapsed onto the cross, similar to the Indian game Pachisi, the American game Parcheesi, and the English game Ludo. There is a computer adaptation.

The name of the game means "Do not get angry" (literally Do not get angry, man or Do not get angry, buddy). The name derives from the fact that a peg is sent back to the B field when another peg lands on it, similarly to the game Sorry!

You could learn the rules here.

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