Tuesday, April 6, 2010

#182 Estonia...Thanks Kristi!

The left 0.35c stamp was issued in 2010 commemorating 90 years of Treaty of Tartu.

The Treaties of Tartu were peace treaties between the Russian SFSR on one side and newly independent Estonia and Finland, which had previously been parts of Imperial Russia, on the other. They were negotiated and signed in Tartu in Estonia in 1920 after the Civil War in Finland, and after war and a truce on January 1, 1920 between Bolshevik Russia and Estonia. The treaty with Estonia recognized the independence of Estonia. The treaties solved disputes and issues connected with cessation of hostilities, such as delineation of borders and the transfer of property.

By signing the peace agreement the Estonian War of Independence was ended,in which 5000 Estonian soldiers gave their lives and 14,000 were injured.

The middle 0.35c stamp was also issued in 2010 honoring Jüri Jaakson(1870-1942),who was an Estonian businessman and politician.

Jaakson studied law at Tartu University and graduated with a 1st degree diploma.In 1897-1914 he worked as lawyer firstly in Viljandi, and later in Riga. In 1915-1919, Jaakson was a member of the Board of the Tallinn City Bank and also founder of several banks. He was imprisoned by the NKVD in June 1941,during the era of Stalin in Russia.He was sentenced to death and executed the next year.

The 2Kr stamp below is from Christmas issue of 1993 showing Tallinn Bishop's Cathedral.

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