Friday, April 9, 2010

#194 Sri Lanka...Thanks Ravindra!

These five stamps were issued in 2008 depicting Late Anuradhapura era.

Anuradhapura is one of the ancient capitals of Sri Lanka, famous for its well-preserved ruins of ancient Lankan civilization.

The city, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, founded in the 4th century BC, was the capital of the Anuradhapura Kingdom until the beginning of the 11th century AD. During this period it remained one of the most stable and durable centers of political power and urban life in South Asia.

5.00: Ancient Sophisticated Technology and Technique: Middle age Gold Coin, its mould and gold ingot used for manufacturing gold coin.

10.00: Architecture: Medirigiriya, Vatadageya and its conjectural drawing

15.00: Sanitation, Living standard and Conservation of Environment: Urinal stone at Western Monasteries in Anuradhapura and cross section of Sanitary system.

20.00: Jewellery: Bangle, Necklace with a Pendent, Anklet and Teerracotta beads Necklace

30.00: Art & Sculpture: Bodhisatva Vajrapani and Avalokithesvara at Buduruwagala and

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