Sunday, February 28, 2010

#092 Tunisia...Thanks Haithem!

The 600 stamp is from 2008 Int. Museum Day issue depicting a terracotta plate found in Kairouan.

The 250 stamp is from 2007 Archeology issue showing Dougga: The baths in Caracalla (211-217).

Dougga is a Roman ruin in northern Tunisia located on a 65 hectare site.

UNESCO qualified Dougga as a World Heritage Site in 1997, believing that it represents “the best-preserved Roman small town in North Africa”. The site, which lies in the middle of the countryside, has been protected from the encroachment of modern urbanisation.

Dougga’s size, its well-preserved monuments and its rich Punic, Numidian, ancient Roman and Byzantine history make it exceptional. Amongst the most famous monuments at the site are a Punic-Libyan mausoleum, the capitol, the theatre, and the temples of Saturn and of Juno Caelestis.

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