Monday, May 17, 2010

#262 New Zealand...Thanks Lois!

The $1 stamp was issued on Apr.30,2010 celebrating New Zealand's participation at Expo 2010 Shanghai showing Kaitiaki and Fu Dog.

Both the Māori kaitiaki and China’s Fu Dog have similar roles. Kaitiaki are carers, guardians, protectors and conservers of the sky, sea and land, while pairs of Fu Dogs (also known as guardian lions, lion dogs and temple lions) can be found outside many Chinese homes and businesses, providing powerful protection against bad fortune. Eight kaitiaki, one of which is featured on this stamp, were carved by Lyonel Grant for the New Zealand pavilion, each different from the next. They adorn the railings that zigzag through the garden at the pavilion.

The 30c stamp is from 2009 Scenic Definitives showing Tolaga Bay,which is both a bay and small town on the East Coast of New Zealand's North Island.

The region around the bay is rugged and remote, and for many years the only access to the town was by boat. Because the bay is shallow, a long wharf - the longest in New Zealand - was built to accommodate visiting vessels. This wharf is now in threat and a committee from the township are appealing for funds and technical help to restore and save it.

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