Monday, May 10, 2010

#251 Spain...Thanks Klara!

The 0.34€ stamp is from 2010 Fauna series showing a moth (Artimelia latreillei),which, from the order of the lepidopetrans, belongs to the family of the Arciidae and the genus ocnogyna.

This moth is endemic to the Iberian Peninsula and its colonies, although scattered over Spain and Portugal, are geographically isolated in mountainous areas (up to 1.500-1.800 high) as well as lower regions and the coastline. The males are very active during the day, even during the hottest hours in the morning and with their low, fast and erratic flight chase the females which remain still on the ground or on low branches. They are very active and polyphagous butterflies feeding in May and June from plants and petals from different species. Its hibernating chrysalis is of a reddish colour and barrel shaped and remains on the ground protected by a lightweight silky cocoon. The image is based on a photograph by Enrique Aguilar Gil depicting a female species belonging to the collection of entomologist Tomás Latasa.

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