Tuesday, May 11, 2010

#252 China...Thanks Shou!

The 1.20 Yuan stamp is from 2007 Nianhua (New Year Woodprints) of Mianzhu,Sichuan Province issue.

Until the mid-20th century, nianhua (New Year woodblock prints) were the most common form of household decoration in China. As the title of the genre suggests, most nianhua were designed to facilitate New Year celebrations, and with their themes of enduring optimism and brilliant colours they brought a spark of light into an otherwise dreary mid-winter environment. Once posted, however, they would stay in place, continuing to influence the spiritual, social and cultural values of the family long after the initial festival had passed.

The 20fen and 40fen stamps are from 1996 Selection of Works of Huang Binhong issue.

Huáng Bīnhóng (黃賓虹) (1865-1955) was an art historian and literati painter born in Jinhua in Zhejiang province. He is considered one of the last innovators in the literati style of painting and is noted for his freehand landscapes. His painting style showed the influence of the earlier painters Li Liufang (李流芳), Cheng Sui (程邃), Cheng Zhengkui, and Kun Can.

He also had significance for creating several societies devoted to painting and calligraphy.

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