Sunday, May 16, 2010

#260 Slovenia...Thanks Adam!

This FDC was issued from Traditional Clothing series in 2005 showing clothing from Pohorje and Kobansko areas which is a mountain range in northern Slovenia.

The 0.45c stamp was issued in 2008 commemorating Dr.Julius Kugy (1858-1944),who was an Austrian - Italian mountaineer and writer of Slovene origin. He wrote mostly in German. He is renowned for his travelogues from the Julian Alps, in which he reflected on the relationship between man, nature, and culture. During all his life, he opposed competing nationalist ideologies in the northern Adriatic area, insisting on the need of peaceful co-existence among Slavic, Italian and German peoples.

The C & D stamp are from 1999-2004 definitive issue showing Fishing boat and Scythe respectively

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