Sunday, May 9, 2010

#245 Czech Republic...Thanks Milan!

These two stamps are from 1997 Art series showing Landscape with Chateau in Chantilly (c.1883) by Antonín Chittussi and The drawing "The prophets came out of the desert" by František Bílek.

Antonin Chittussi (1847-1891) was a Czech Impressionist landscape painter.He was born to a Czech mother and a father of Italian descent. He was fascinated by the landscape of South Bohemia and of the Bohemian and Moravian Highlands. In particular, his smaller pictures replete with quick, easy brushstrokes are among the most admired of Czech landscape painting. He died in Prague.

František Bílek (1872-1941) was a famous Czech Art Nouveau and Symbolist sculptor and architect.

Bílek attended the Akademie výtvarných umění (AVU) in Prague. Due to his apparent colour-blindness he moved to Josef Mauder one year later (1888) and started to study sculpture. Given a scholarship offered by patron Vojtěch Lanna, he spent one year in Paris at the Académie Colarossi. After that, he lived in turns in Prague and in Chýnov. He was a member of the Mánes Union of Fine Arts from 1898 to 1912.

His works often reflect Biblical themes or have religious connotations. Though it was never completed, Bílek also worked on his National Monument reflecting Czech Hussite history and its perceived end at White Mountain.

He built his own villa in Hradčany which he requested be turned into a museum of his works after his death.

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