Wednesday, September 15, 2010

#431 Korea...Thanks Ahn!

The two stamps are from the 1st series of The Age of Dinosaurs issued in Aug.2010 illustrating Herrerasaurus and Coelophysis.

This fascinating animal appeared hundreds of millions years ago to dominate life on earth for 160 million years only to abruptly go extinct.During the next three years,dinosaurs of each epochal period (The Triassic period,the Jurassic period and the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic era) will be introduced in Korean stamps.

Known as one of the oldest kinds of dinosaurs,Herrerasaurus had carnivorous features:a big jaw,sharp teeth,and features favorable for hunting such as long claws and quick and nimble legs.Being about 3-4 m long and weighing 250-300 kg,it was a biped ambulatory animal.It inhabited the northwestern areas of Argentina during the latter part of the Triassic period.

As a quick and agile dinosaur,its front legs were very short and its body except for the tail was a little bigger than a turkey.In 1947,hundreds of Coelophysis fossils were found in Ghost Ranch,New Mexico.Unlike other large,carnivorous dinosaurs,Coelophysis seemed to have lived in groups,moving in herds.Its body was 3 m at longest and weighed 15-30 kg.

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