Tuesday, September 7, 2010

#422 USA...Thanks Ira!

The 44c stamp in the middle is from 2010 Sunday Funnies issue featuring Dennis the Menace.

Dennis the Menace follows the antics of Dennis Mitchell, a good-hearted but mischievous little boy who is perpetually “5-ana-half” years old. His curiosity tests the patience of his loving parents and neighbors, guaranteeing that their lives are anything but dull. The comic debuted in March 1951 as a single-panel gag.

The 44c stamp on the right was issued in June,2010 paying tribute to the all-black professional baseball leagues that operated from 1920 to about 1960.

In 1920, Andrew “Rube” Foster (1879–1930)—who began his baseball career as a pitcher—established the Negro National League, the first successful league of African-American teams. Nicknamed “Rube” after defeating major-league pitcher George Edward “Rube” Waddell in 1902, Foster is considered the “father” of Negro leagues baseball. He is featured on the stamp.

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