Monday, March 29, 2010

#157 Croatia...Thanks Unknown

The 0.50 HRK stamp is from 2008 Textile Folk Art issue.

The 2.50 HRK stamp is from 2002 Modern Art series showing The Girl in the Boat,by Milivoj Uzelac.

Milivoj Uzelac (1897-1977), a Croatian painter, attended high school in Banja Luka, where he met Vilko Gecan, another classic of Croatian modern art. There he began to paint until in 1912 his family moved to Zagreb where he occasionally attends the Academy under the leadership of Tomislav Krizman and later Otto Ivekovića. After the outbreak of World War I he escaped from the mobilization in Prague where he worked with the Czech painter Jan Preislerom. There with three other artists (Vilko Gecan, Marijan Trepše and Vladimir Varlaj - formed the Group of Four, and comes in contact with the art of Expressionism whose style will make the most of their group). In 1919.he returned to Zagreb where the other members of the company regularly exhibits his works in the Spring Salon. In this period his most famous masterpieces were created. In 1923 he moved to Paris where he acquired a high reputation until his death.
In 1971 his first retrospective exhibition was held in the Modern Gallery in Zagreb.

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