Sunday, March 21, 2010

#143 Serbia...Thanks Dejan!

This FDC was issued in 2008 featuring Grapes and Vineyards of Serbia.

On the territory of nowadays Serbia,grapevine was cultivated several thousand years ago,which is proved with the fossil remains found on the Red hill by the Danube shore near grocka.Excavations in Vinca,neighborhood of Belgrade,also prove that winemaking was already known here since prehistoric time.During their settling in the Balkans,the Slavs found the grapevine,adopted it,and spread its cultivation.There are 6 vineyard regions in Serbia.

The 20c stamp shows Sauvignon blanc which is among three most popular white grape variety in the world.This grapevine traces its origins to France.It is grown in all vineyard countries with moderate climate,but mostly in France,where it produces,with Semillon and Muscadel varieties,famous dessert Sauternais wines.The vine of Sauvignon blanc is very vigorous.Its bunch is small,in the form of a roller.Berries are middle size,spheric,greenish - yellow with black spots.Their skin is thick,sweet,with very characteristic piquant - spicy flavor,that reminds to the grass and elder flower.It has relatively small fruitage.The French call it the "king of wines and wine of kings".In 1920 and later on,by the order of King Aleksandar I Karadordevic,cuttings of Sauvignon blac were bought in France for the needs of Court vineyards in Topola.

The 46c stamp illustrates Frankovka, one of the leading red grape variety in some regions of Austria,Hungary,Slovakia,Slovenia,Croatia and Serbia.Its origin is unknown.Some suppose that it comes from Austria,though there are also some who claim that its homeland is the Franken province of Germany.Some of our authors consider it as an indigenous variety of Serbia.Frankovka is tolerant of the type of soil,but prefers southern,well protected,and warm regions of the moderate or northern climate.It reaches ample fruitage quite reguarly.If it ripens well,the wine is racy,dark red,with balanced acidity and almond flavor.Frankovka can be light red to deep ruby with violet reflex.

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