Sunday, March 14, 2010

#127 Brasil...Thanks Pedro!

The stamp on the left is Brazil's 2009 Upaep issue of Tradition Game: Fresobol.

Frescobol first began in Brazil on the beaches of Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro just after the Second World War. Mr. Lian Pontes de Carvalho was said to be the inventor. He invented the first racquet made of wood in 1946. But just like surf boards, skis and tennis racquets, fiberglass is now used in the manufacturing of the Frescobol racquet. Fiber is extremely durable and increases the level of performance and therefore the material of choice for many sports today. Thanks to the migration of Brazilians, frescobol is one of the most practiced sports on beaches throughout Latin American, parts of Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The sport is now rapidly becoming popular in the United States especially in California and Florida.

Frescobol is normally played on the beach but can be played anywhere you have some open space. Standing approximately 15 feet apart, you tap the ball to your partner. A normal racquet-ball ball may be used. Continue hitting the ball back and forth slowly at first trying to get a rally going while establishing a rhythm. After some practice, you may begin hitting the ball with much more pace. The key, just like other racquet sports is to concentrate on the ball watching it all the way until it meets your racquet. Soon you will have fast pace rallies of 20 or more strokes! It's fantastic exercise. Of course, always know your immediate surroundings so not to hit someone accidentally with the ball or racquet.

The 2 stamps on the right are from 2009 Brazil-Hong Kong joint issue depicting the different playing styles of Hong Kong and Brazilian footballers.

Football is one of the world's most loved sports. Brazilian players are known for their footwork and are stars to Hong Kong football lovers.

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