Tuesday, March 9, 2010

#121 Algeria...Thanks Omar!

This FDC was titled Forts in Algeria issued on Feb.15,2010 showing Fort of the Emperor and Fort of Gouraya.

Fort of the Emperor (Bordj Moulay Hassan - Algiers)

Most of those who visited Algiers and wrote about this city will talk about this fort because of its important role in defending the southern side of the city and harbor. It carried several designations including Bordj Moulay Hassan, in memory of its founder, Hassan Pasha, who erected in 1545. Having been attacked, he learned later fortifications and it becomes strong in the sense of the term to the year 1580.

The height of the Emperor rises to 230 m above sea level and it protected behind the south side of Algiers. The defense posture was completed thereafter.

This fort was located in the middle of a vast area visible from the road along the beach and all the east side of Algiers.It comes in the form of a rectangle of 150m long and 100m wide. Its walls with embrasures rise to a height of 10m.

Fort Gouraya (Bejaia)

Located on the highest peak of the mountain at 672m above the sea, a position which gives considerable importance, the fort dominates the entire region excellently.

Bejaia, a Mediterranean port in Algeria, was called "Gouraya" in ancient language meaning "Gor" city "Aya" mountain .

Built on the foundation probably by Hammadites in ancient time, Spanish occupied it from 1509 and it was transformed into a fort, then refurbished by the French as monitoring point and watch.

Popular legend attributes to this site a mystical character that here lived the holy person called "Yemma Gouraya. There is a mausoleum that is still visited by people nearby and receives thousands of people every year.

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