Monday, August 16, 2010

#405 Germany...Thanks Jurgen!

The 45c and 55c stamps,issued in 2010,are designed by Udo Lindenberg,who is a German rock musician,themed on his songs "SS Andrea Doria" and "Special Train to Pankow".

Udo Lindenberg, born 1946 in Westphalia, Gronau, founded his first band in 1959. 1973 Lindenberg writes German rock music texts, for which there are few role models in this period. He dreams of an open inter-German border.In October 1983, the West German rock star was surprisingly permitted to perform in concert at the Palast der Republik in East Germany. At the concert, Lindenberg sang one of his best-known songs "Special Train to Pankow", which satirized East German leader Erich Honecker, and which he had been asked not to play. The East German government immediately revoked his permission to complete his scheduled East German concert tour, after he had spent months begging them for permission to perform there.

Udo Lindenberg shows in his musical and graphic work always that he is a deeply political person. In his overall artistic work he has been always for freedom, against right-wing violence, for humanity - always with a wink, irony and personal commitment. His provocations, which sometimes come to the limits, aim always for change for the benefit of the people.

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