Sunday, August 1, 2010

#378 Spain...Thanks Herminia!

The 0.32€ stamp is from 2009 Popular Characters series honoring famous English naturalist Charles Darwin.

Charles Darwin (1809-1882) studied in Edinburgh and Cambridge where he became acquainted with Henslow, the prestigious Botanic professor who offered him to participate as a naturist in the brig-sloop “Beagle” expedition to explore the coasts of South America and the Pacific islands. During the five year trip, he increased his studies on nature and he carried out the scientific observations that led him to publish his trip notes. In 1859 he published his masterpiece “The Origin of Species” which was translated simultaneously to other languages and lead the way to a new vision of natural history known as Darwinism. He was the author of many other works on the evolution of living species and was fought by religious and classic minded movements.

The central 0.34€ stamp is from 2010 Popular Charaters series honoring Julián Gabino Arcas Lacal,who is considered to be the best Spanish guitar player of late XIX century.

Julián Gabino Arcas Lacal (1832-1882), known as Julián Arcas, began his musical studies with his father and later on in the school of Dionisio Aguado in Málaga. In his early years he successfully performed in the most important Spanish and European cities. In 1862, on a trip to England, he performed in the palaces of the Duques of Wellington and Cambridge. He was teacher to the famous guitar player Francisco de Tárrega as well as other prominent pupils from the Conservatorio de Música de Madrid of which he was named Honorary Professor. He wrote more than 50 pieces and adapted passages of Operas and Zarzuelas for guitar besides re-elaborating themes inspired in popular music. His native town, Almeria, organizes every year the Julián Arcas International Classical Guitar Contest.

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