Friday, August 13, 2010

#399 Greenland

The 25 DKK stamp is from 2008 Fossils in Greenland issue illustrating Eudimorphodon cromptonellus,which is a prehistoric pterosaur It is based on a juvenile specimen with a wing span of just 24 centimeters, found in the early nineties in Greenland. Its specific name honors Professor Alfred W. Crompton.

The 5 DKK stamp was issued in 2009 alterting Global Warming.

The 50 DKK stamp is from 2010 Contemporary Art IV series showing a painting by Bolatta Silis-Hoegh.

Bolatta Silis-Hoegh,born in 1981, is a Greenlandic artist educated at The Jutland Academy of Fine Arts, Aarhus. One of the young artist’s themes is identity confusion, the meeting between cultures, globalisation and global warming, torn between outside cultural influences (e.g. Americanisation) on the one hand and an almost a national romantic quest for the indigenous Greenlandic Culture on the other hand.

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