Wednesday, January 27, 2010

#034 Israel...Thanks Jacob!

The 5 NIS stamp is from Maritime Archeology issued on Nov.26,2009,illustrating some of the finds from sunken ships found along Israel’s shoreline and reflect the seafarers’ commercial ties and beliefs.

Remains from ancient cultures are abundant along the coastline of Eretz Israel. These remains are material evidence of the activity of the diverse civilizations which inhabited these shores over thousands of years.

Fifty years of underwater archeological research has uncovered many important sites, each with its own character and finds. The uniqueness of the finds lies in their generally good state of preservation and their rarity relative to archeological excavations on land. Every sunken ship preserves the moment of disaster as a sort of “time capsule” and contains much evidence regarding the technology of the vessel, the crew’s lifestyle and the ship’s cargo and sailing route.

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