Monday, January 18, 2010

#023 France...Thanks Pazzolina!

The left stamp was issued on Oct.28,2009 to commemmorate Juliette Dodu. The postmistress, French spy, heroine of the War of 1870 and the first woman to receive the Military Medal and the Legion of Honor. Juliette Dodu was born June 15, 1848 in Saint-Denis (Reunion Island) and joined the metropolis at the age of 16. In September 1870, while working at the telegraph office in Pithiviers, she intercepted the enemy dispatches the Prussians to communicate to the French authorities and thus helped to save the lives of 40,000 soldiers. Following a denunciation, she was arrested by the Germans, sentenced to death and then pardoned and released when the armistice.

The right stamp was issued on Oct.19,2009. from the Doll Collection set. It shows a lovely bisque doll.

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