Sunday, January 24, 2010

#028 India...Thanks Sameer!

This mini-sheet on the cover was issued on Oct.8th,2007 to celebrate Indian Air Force Platinum Jubilee 1932-2007.

The “BHARATIYA VAYU SENA” ( INDIAN AIR FORCE) was officially established on October 8, 1932 as an auxiliary air force of the Indian empire and the prefix Royal was added in 1945, the Royal Indian Air Force served the Union of India, with the prefix being dropped when India became a republic in 1950.The Bharatiya Vayu Sena has strength of approximately 170,000 personnel, 730 combat and 1,700 non-combat aircraft in active service, the Indian Air Force is the world’s fourth largest air force in the world.

These 4 aircrafts are:

1.ALH Dhruv,indigenously developed by HAL, seen here wearing peacock decoration of The Sarang, Helicopter acrobatic team of IAF.

2.The Beriev A-50 is the AWACs variant of the Illyushin-76 transport aircraft. India’s first A-50 aircraft equipped with the Phalcon radar arrived on 25th May 2009 and was officially inducted on the 28th May 2009( AWACs appeared on the stamp before it joined IAF). With the induction of the AWACS, India has joined a club of only six other nations - the US, Russia, Britain, Japan, Australia and Turkey - that operate such a sophisticated system.

3.The Westland Wapiti: The first plane of IAF.

4.IL-78 Transporter here seen as refueler, Refueling two SU-30 Fighters.

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