Tuesday, October 26, 2010

#467 Peru...Thanks Carlos!

The s/.2 stamp on the top was issued in 2009 celebrating 400 years of Archdiocese of Arequipa,which was created by The Bula of Pope Paul V in 1609,separating it from the one in Cusco.

The s/.5.50 stamp below was issued in 2008 commemorating 450 years of the Monastery of Santa Clara in Cusco.

The Santa Clara Monastery belongs to the Clarists, female branch of the Franciscan order, appeared in 1549 under the protection of the secular town hall of Cusco. At the beginning, it was a house for lay sisters that sheltered half breed orphan women and native girls descending from the Incas. It was situated in the square of Chaquilchaca. In 1556, it moved to the house of the conqueror Luis Geronimo de Cabrera, in the current square of the "Nazarenas". It stayed there until 1622 when the current church built in the public walk was finished.

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