Monday, October 11, 2010

#446 Italy...Thanks Martirazzo!

The 0.60€ stamp on the left was issued in 2009 with the theme "Measures to prevent and fight fires". At the top is a lush, green natural landscape with a deer peeking out from it; at the bottom is the same landscape after the fire.

The 0.60€ stamp in the middle was issued in 2009 for the “Le istituzioni” (Institutions) series, dedicated to the Grenadier Corps of Sardinia, on the 350th anniversary of its foundation.Within an ornamental frame, the stamp shows a member of the Grenadier Corps of Sardinia wearing the official 1659 uniform, flanked by a row of Grenadiers wearing the present-day ceremonial uniform.

The 0.60€ stamp on the right was also issued in 2009 in the “Made in Italy” series dedicated to San Daniele ham, on the 5th centenary of the first documented reference to the product.

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