Wednesday, December 23, 2009

#008 Malaysia...Thanks Ronny!

These 5 fauna & flora stamps shows:
1.Fighting Spider: It is so called because two males will readily fight each other, either in a natural setting, or if put together, These spiders are commonly kept in matchboxes with a piece of green leaf and a spat of saliva for moisture. A spider that wins fight after fight gets the status of "first king". A common belief is that the darkest males are most aggressive.

2.Ochraceous Bulbul: a Southeast Asian songbird belonging to Pycnonotidae.

3.Water-Hyacinth(Monochoria hastata): a free-floating aquatic plant.

4.Croaking gourami(Trichopsis vittata)

5.Malay Peacock-pheasant(Polyplectron malacense):one of the shortest-tailed peacock-pheasants. You can view the video here

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