Thursday, December 10, 2009

#003 Italy...Thanks Salvado!

A funny cover. All the three stamps escaped from the cancellation.

The stamp in the middle is from Italian 1976 tourism series,showing the view of Forio,Ischia Island.

The busiest resort town on Ischia, Forio is located on the western shore of the island, under the slopes of Monte Epomeo. Forio has been a popular destination since the 1950s and nowadays it attracts a wide range of visitors who appreciate the atmosphere, the beaches and the spas.

One of Forio's prime attractions is the beautiful beach of Citara, alongside one of the island's largest spa complexes,the Giardini di Poseidon.

Forio's historical centre is better-preserved than other Ischian towns, and there are pleasant streets for wandering where you can see traces of the medieval and Baroque eras. Interesting buildings include the Torrione, a fifteenth century tower with panoramic views, and the little white church of Santuario della Madonna del Sorccorso, which is perched above the sea.

The stamp on the right was issued in 1997,commemorating the 60th birthday of Queen Paola of Belgium. She is of Italian and Belgian ancestry and was hailed as one of the leading beauties of Europe in her youth.

Thank you! Salvadore

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