Thursday, February 10, 2011

#565 Georgia...Thanks Khatuna!

The 100d stamp on this cover was issued in 2005 commemorating 100th anniversary of Tbilisi Funikular,which was opened near 1905. The 500m long funikular wass designed by Blushe (France) & Shimkevich with a 65% gradient.However it's closed after crash 21 June 2000.

The 150c stamp next was issued in 1994 honoring Niko Nikoladze (1843–1928),who was a notable Georgian publicist, pro-Western enlightener, and public figure primarily known for his contributions to the development of Georgian liberal journalism and his involvement in various economic and social projects of that time.

The two 15c stamps are from 1995 Prehistoric Animals issue and the 0.6 Gel and 0.4 Gel stamps are from 2010 Red Book of Georgia issue illustrating Caucasian Grouse and Grey Partridge.

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