Thursday, December 23, 2010

#517 Algeria...Thanks Omar!

This beautiful Craft of Algeria FDC was issued on 28.11.2010.

15 DA stamp:Candle holder

It is a pottery candle holder from the region of Kabylia, made from clay. The form is largely inspired by a former candle Berbers with the introduction of modern touches, the decoration is made of sober reason faithful to the Berbers specificity of the region.This candle holder with three candles and two eggs holder, is particularly used in some villages by new kalyles married during the wedding night.

20 DA:Quanoun (a musical instrument)

The quanoun is a musical instrument made of wood-based and includes sculptures and decoration.
The traditional Maghrebi quanoun includes 17 maqamat for 51 cordes.Utilised also in the Middle East, it occupies an important place among the instruments to the traditional Arabic art music.
During the play, the player places the quanoun horizontally in front of him or on his bent knees, or on a solo table.On appreciates quanoun when accompanying the singer prelude.

30 DA:Tuareg Leather Box

Tuareg cabinet is covered with natural leather carved with geometric patterns that reflect the artof Tuareg who are a Berber nomadic pastoralist people.The sides are reinforced with brass rings and chopped red.The box is also decorated with Tuareg silver motifs, coral and ebony wood. It is a reflection of work done by craftsmen possessing finesse and dexterity.It is generally used by the Tuareg girl to keep precious items for her trousseau.

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