Friday, July 30, 2010

#375 Spain...Thanks Beatriz!

The 0.34€ stamp is from 2010 Popular Character series honoring Gregorio Marañón ( Madrid 1887-1960),who was an eminent doctor and writer.

He studied medicine at the University of Madrid and obtained a Phd in 1910. After a year of study and investigation in Germany, he returned to Madrid in 1911 where he studied endocrinology. In 1922 he became a member of the Academy of Medicine and years later founded the Institute of Medical Pathology of which he became director. He became university professor of endocrinology and published a large number of scientific works on this subject as well as the ageing process, the human behaviour and the vital processes of man besides publishing historical essays and biographies of great literary richness. He was elected Mp during the Republic but soon gave up on politics and moved to Paris during the Civil War. He returned to Madrid in 1943 and gradually resumed his medical work as well as his university and literary activities.

The 0.62€ stamp is from 2009 Lighthouse issue showing the lighthouse of Punta Arinaga,which is set in the eastern coast of the island of Gran Canaria and is under the port authorities of Las Palmas. It stands in the mountain of Arinaga and the building is a white cylindrical tower with red stripes. Its light is white-red and in use. Its focal plane is 47m high and 13m the support.

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